March 19, 2018

The recent tax reform destroyed what was a win-win tax benefit for both the employer and the employee.

Transportation fringe benefits came into being in 1992 under the Energy Policy of 1992 (Pub. Law. 102-486).

One difficulty was that the benefits expired often and worked their way into the group of tax provisions called extenders. No problem; lawmakers extended the transportation benefits provisions continuously...

March 5, 2018

Here’s a troubling thought. Did lawmakers put you in the out-of-favor tax group that denies you the 20 percent Section 199A deduction

  • because your business makes too much money and

  • it does so because of the reputation or skill of one or more of the business’s owners or employees?

Before going on, remember this: tax reform gives you the new 20 percent deduction on your pass-through income regardless of...

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