Incorporation Services

You did the research, you've been waiting for a while and now you decided that you want to start your own business.


Delving into business ownership can be a stressful endeavor, however, it can be equally exciting and gratifying. So many decisions to make, naming your company, doing business plans, financing, but one of the most important one is selecting the right business structure. The type of business entity you select can impact everything, such as how to establish owner compensation, how much you’ll pay in taxes, and more. Don’t risk making the wrong choice, contact Montclair CPA firm FIRM1040® for guidance.


We streamline the business incorporation process for new business owners and help you select the most appropriate structure for your business. Once your business is formed, it’s vital that you put accounting processes and procedures in place that will accurately track your finances. 

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We'll also assist with writing a compelling business plan that clearly outlines your business goals, so you can secure the financing you need, know your market, and know where your business is headed in the long-term. With our guidance, you’ll be ready to meet the challenges of being a small business owner.

Incorporation Services for Your New Business

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