Effortlessly Settle Tax Debt in Less than 6 Months

Don't Be Afraid of the IRS Anymore

Offer in Compromise

If you now owe the IRS much more than you could ever imagine and can’t presently pay them in full, help is on the way! An Offer in Compromise lets you satisfy tax debt with 1 smaller payment in full and you’re done. To be accepted by the IRS, you must proof you have no reasonable way to pay the full amount. Don’t put yourself at risk by not qualifying for a settlement or paying more than the lowest amount allowed by law.

Penalty Abatement

Yell, you may get lucky. The IRS forgives penalties case-by-case. If we believe you qualify for penalty abatement, we’ll make the case for you within IRS guidelines. We often can reduce or eliminate penalties if there is a reasonable argument.

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Installment Plan

A payment plan may still provide some relieve. If you can’t pay and you don’t qualify for a payment plan, you can negotiate a monthly payment plan that considers your financial situation. Once an agreement is established, the IRS will stop any levy action, seizures or garnishments. You must adhere to the installment plan, file all returns on time. They even eliminate 50% of any future failure to pay penalties.

Restore Your Credit

Your credit score can prevent you from getting a house, an apartment, a car, a credit card and so much more. Do you need to repair your credit score? Our experts will work with the IRS to release your lien. This will bring a smile to your face, credit issues resolved!

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"I received a settlement in 2010 from a case and did not know I would have to pay taxes on the funds I received plus the funds that the attorney received. In addition to underpaying current tax obligations and having to pay a huge amount of taxes on the settlement, I owed the IRS up to $70,000. Cherie was able to get my taxes reduced 90% through an 'Offer in Compromise'. The process took 9 months but it was worth it. FIRM1040 is the best firm I've ever worked with and I'm happy I can now sleep at night!"

~ Ms. Vanessa M. client since 2013

How It Works, We Make It Easy

1. Assessment

​Tell us your situation, we'll have an assessment done on your financial status. 

2. Review

We will determine which solution is best in order to get the most optimal result. We handle all communications.

3. Submission

Depending on your tax situation, it could take us 3 months to 12 months to handle most cases. For payroll tax issues, it may be longer.

4. Acceptance

Once the IRS agrees to our offer, they will permanently update their records to reflect their decision and client's compliance. No more IRS tax issues. You're done!