Tax Planning

FIRM1040®  provides tax planning throughout the year, to effectively manage your financial obligations. With constant changes in the tax law, we stay abreast and monitor changes to the tax code, which allows us to unique ways for our clients to save money on their taxes, a practical and simple approach. 

Whether you own an existing business or a new business owner, FIRM1040®  will first ensure that the business entity structure best fit your goals and develop a personalized tax plan tailored to your industry with the goal of reducing your liabilities and improving revenue so your bottom line grows.


FIRM1040® keeps in touch with all clients year round, through quarterly phone calls, client newsletters and much more. We ensure that we're minimizing your tax obligations and helping you keep more of your hard-earned money at year end.

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Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Start managing and reducing your tax burden today, take the first step! Let's start up a conversation, call (973) 339-7773 now or request a free consultation to learn more about how our Montclair, NJ CPA firm can help with your tax planning.

  • Strategic tax planning for businesses and individuals

  • Alternative minimum tax planning

  • State and local taxes

  • Multi-state tax planning