Wealth-building tax expertise with a client-first approach

We help mass affluent singles, power couples and small business owners, to save for retirement so they don't have to work into their golden years.

OUR services

We provide solutions that are simple, transparent and holistic

We utilize knowledge, forethought and creativity to help our mass affluent clients to set and progress toward lifetime financial goals allowing them to pass on their wealth to the next generation.

Tax Preparation

We stay abreast of changing tax laws and legislations to find deductions and credits you’re eligible for while protecting you from excessive taxation and gross overpayment.

Tax Planning

We implement sophisticated tax planning strategies that project a few years ahead to ensure the ability to pass on your wealth does not suffer any devastating impact.

Tax Resolution

We use our specialized skills to settle your tax debt in less than six months so you can save your reputation, investments and assets without compromising your dignity.


We work hard to preserve your assets by sifting through your financials to ensure they’re current and organized, not forsaking collaboration with other key financial reps.


We lower your business risk by making sure you adhere to proper payroll compliance rules and regulations, to build a business you can retire from.


We combine our financial expertise along with our practical foresight as a business specialist to analyze your unique challenges and provide holistic solutions.

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who you are

Mass affluent individual, power couple or small business owner saving for retirement

You've spent a major part of your life accumulating a substantial investment portfolio and now seek wealth-building tax expertise to secure your affluence as you enter retirement. You want clear and engaging communication with personalized and proactive interaction.

why we exist

Utilize legal methods of tax minimization and save enough money to live happily in retirement

We want to help you put enough money aside to last you through retirement so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You deserve trusted advisors that understand the tax implications relevant to your wealth segment so you can save while paying less taxes and fees.

how we help

Achieve financial wellness without the worry

We tailor each of our services to your individual needs. We're here to help you make better financial decisions and give you the confidence to plan a future you desire. This role is significant to us because we know the positive impact we can and will have on your life.

Client testimonials

Over the last 16 years, we've maintained a 90% client retention rate and have received outstanding reviews on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook from clients we've positively impacted. Here are a few of them.

“Cherie was so great and easy to work with! She has a clear process and structure with how she works with clients, which resulted in a very easy and streamlined process.”
Sabrina L.
Healthcare Admin | Brooklyn, NY
“Cherie was super helpful, guiding me through my federal and state taxes, which were very complicated this year!  Highly recommend her for any accounting services.”
Diana R.
Marketer/Designer | Jackson Height, NY
“Our tax return looks very comprehensive and I appreciated that she took the time to speak with us over any outstanding questions we had since it was me and my husband’s first time filing jointly.”
Noelia T.
Fraud Specialist | Bayonne, NJ

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